New casino opening in Atlantic City

March 28, 2012 by  

Revel Casinos has obtained a license to open a new casino in Atlantic City. The company has big plans for the up and coming resort. They have hired architects and building staff to create a stunning new property.

Company representatives have advised media about their current plans. The resort will have a shimmering glass facade and a 47 level hotel tower. The hotel will be able to accommodate over 3,000 guests at a time.

The Revel Resort will have a lot to offer consumers. Aside from a casino and a hotel, it will house function rooms, a bathhouse, restaurants, and a theater. In fact, the popular singer Beyonce will be performing at the complex later in the year. While the resort is expected to have a lot of out of state guests, officials also expect New Jersey locals from towns such as Northvale to enjoy the casino.

Like all new businesses, Revel will need to advertise its services to potential customers. There are a few ways that they can do this. One of the easiest ways to advertise a hotel is by utilizing local print companies and printing services to make up brochures. These can be handed to travel agents that regularly book Atlantic City accommodation for their clients, visitor centers recommending attractions to visitors, and other attractions where tourists will be looking for entertainment.

Resorts, such as this one, could also opt to combine a print marketing campaign with other forms of media. For example, they could advertise both the Beyonce concert and the complex on the radio. Combining a few different mediums often generates a large amount of interest from consumers.