Elijah’s Promise Receives $200,000 Grant

December 27, 2011 by  

A New Jersey nonprofit organization has recently received a $200,000 grant to expand on the work that they do. Elijah’s Promise is an agency which provides healthy meals to low-income families in New Jersey.

The charity received the award at the Newark Museum during a ceremony. The event was designed to honor the Bank of America’s 2011 Neighborhood Excellence Initiative winners. Elijah’s Promise was recognized as a Bank of America Neighborhood builder.

The grant will enable the charity to take their work one step further. One of the programs organized by Elijiah’s Promise is a work training initiative. This program trains people for jobs which will help them feed themselves and their families. The charity has expanded from a small soup kitchen to a organization which helps move people out of poverty. They do this by using food to feed, employ and train New Jersey residents from suburbs such as Cherry Hill and Northvale.

While $200,000 can do a lot of good, the money will not last forever. Charities which are growing at a rapid rate should ensure that they are aware of how to raise funds in the future. Perhaps a small amount of this grant money should be used to advertise the charity to local businesses. For example printing services could be used to print out brochures. These brochures could then be sent out to both small and large businesses. In the best case scenario the business will be able to employ people in need or provide a donation to the charity.