Real Estate workshop taking place

June 21, 2012 by  

North Arlington professionals have a ton of tremendous options available to them in the coming days, with a Real Estate workshop as well as a networking lunch coming up towards the end of June.

Due to the state of the economy, some people may be unsure about dipping their toes into Real Estate but, interestingly enough, the combination of increased foreclosures and market conditions is what has made short sale flipping a lucrative means of profiting in this industry. On June 27, professionals will be getting a step-by-step guide to the process in “How to Maximize Your Profits on Foreclosures & Short Sale Flips.”

Over the course of this evening event, there will be time set aside for networking, as well as information on the process of finding, buying, and selling houses at a fast profit. With portions being dedicated to advice on gaining the trust of home owners, along with more insights on getting appraisals done quickly, this workshop will contain quite a bit of content from which both beginners and seasoned professionals can benefit. Taking place in the evening at 6:00 pm, it will definitely be worth putting in an appearance for this.

Just two days later, on June 29, business professionals will be getting a chance to participate in the Bergen LEADS Fifth Friday Networking Lunch. Featuring a qualified speaker, as well as a great meal, this is another example of how business card printing and flyer printing are services worth considering. The networking opportunities alone make this another option worth pursuing.