Pet owners made aware of need for vaccination at tomorrow’s clinic

January 30, 2013 by  

Due to the increase reports of certain animals in this area, the North Arlington Board of Health is encouraging all residents to bring their family dogs and cats to a clinic being held tomorrow for vaccinations.

In all communities, unvaccinated wild animals can easily transmit rabies to unvaccinated domestic pets. This disease can also be transmitted to humans, so it is important that each household vaccinates its pets and takes steps to prevent the spread of the disease.

While at the vaccination clinic, families will be able to obtain their mandatory licenses for their cats and dogs. Licenses in this area cost $10 for each animal in a household that is spayed or neutered, and $13 per animal that is not neutered or spayed. Licenses can be paid for using money-orders or checks made out to the North Arlington Health Department.

This is a free clinic and everyone who owns animals is asked to bring them for the shot. The 2013 Rabies Clinic will be available tomorrow, January 31, at the Legion Place Firehouse located at 3 Legion Place in North Arlington, New Jersey.

One way in which health organizations can promote attendance for clinics like this, as well as help people in the area to learn about the disease and how to prevent it, is through flyer printing services – whether the flyers are distributed or simply left at the clinic. To find out more about the disease or tomorrow’s clinic, please visit the North Arlington Health Department website or call the office at 201-955-5695 during business hours.