Light Rail extension plan awaits public comment

December 24, 2011 by  

Residents of New Jersey will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on the plan to extend the Hudson-Bergen light-rail service into Bergen County. This project would allow residents of towns such as North Arlington to have access to cross-Hudson ferries, PATH trains and the NJ Transit rail service.

Currently the residents of Bergen county are opposed to this plan. They believe that many small towns will not be able to provide the parking needed to make the light-rail effective. The city is also concerned about the development. This is because they may have to realign the roads and make other improvements to the areas surrounding the light-rail. This will all come at a cost to the taxpayer.

A spokesman for NJ Transit has stated that a DEIS is needed for any project that has federal funds. This DEIS will examine the impact the project has on the environment. Issues that will be taken into consideration include noise, traffic, disturbances to the soul and air pollution. Before the project can go ahead, the government wants to know whether public opinion has been considered.

While some residents are objecting to this transport system, others do not know about it. The city should consider using printing services to create brochures and flyers regarding the project. This will ensure that New Jersey residents are aware of how the rail will impact their lives. People who know this information will be able to voice their opinions at the town meeting.