Stewart Woods to be transformed by Scout group

August 4, 2013 by  

Matthew Richards, an Eagle Scout from Newark, is planning renovation work which will be carried out on the trail at Oakland’s Stewart Woods, near the Dogwood Elementary School.

Richards, 14, is likely to be using the help of local printing companies to create print brochures which provide details of his project so the rest of Boy Scout Troop 49 can help out. The planned improvement work is set to take place throughout August.

The trail is located off Ramapo Valley Road and is dotted with wetlands and rocks which make it difficult to traverse. At the end of the trail, Richards plans to remove dying trees before installing picnic tables to create a recreational area for families.

Nancy Krause, the chairperson of the Environmental Commission, approached the Boy Scout Troop last year about making the area a potential project for an Eagle Scout. She was pleased when Richards not only went through the process to get approval from the group but also obtained permission from the community council.

The project will involve 30 Scouts installing drains before removing weeds and rocks to create a clear path through the woods without interfering with the ecosystem of the area.

Richards also plans to make a map of the trail which will provide educational material on the wetland environment. This will be used by residents and the school district’s science classes.

According to Richards’ father, this will be a major undertaking for the young Scout, and it is hoped that his efforts will help to benefit the community.