Special train announces arrival of the holiday season

December 11, 2013 by  

The 22nd Annual Santa Claus Special is continuing at the Whippany Railroad Museum which is located just outside of Newark this weekend, heralding the arrival of Christmas. Most likely flyer printing and poster printing have been used to remind those in the community of this popular event.

According to Steve Friedland, operator of the train and director of operations for the Morristown & Erie Railway, there are two Santa Clauses on the train (one at the end and one in the middle) so as to ensure that all children get their pictures taken with him and receive their Christmas gifts. In addition, all the people who work on the train for the first two weekends in December are volunteers, including train collectors and hobby mechanics, who have been keeping the locomotives running all these years.

The cars of the Whippany trains are decked out for the holiday season with ornaments, stockings, and tinsel. There are four 45-minute trips each day of the weekend, and they travel for nine miles across and back over the Passaic River. Typically, 350 passengers fill each train and 7,000 people get to take this trip during the five-day season of the train.

The Whippany Railway Museum is a non-profit organization of the Operating Heritage Railroad and the Santa Claus Special is one of the fundraising efforts of the Museum. The Special serves to enhance the mission of the Museum and its efforts of historic preservation of the cars and locomotives of the train.