Reading Challenge issued in Newark

January 30, 2013 by  

Although we are deep in the midst of winter, a summer reading challenge has been issued for children by their local library and there are prizes available based on the number of books each child reads.

The challenge has a number of rules that must be followed, although they are all quite simple and provide participants with adequate time to begin planning which books they would like to read. The summer challenge is still a few months away, but children are invited to start figuring out their booklist so they can begin soon as the challenge opens. Once the challenge is underway, children will need to check out the books and begin reading.

Parents may read the books to preschool children, and each child can file a report on up to six books they have checked out each day, either written or oral, but only three oral reports will be allowed each day. All children who read and report on at least five books during the challenge will receive a Summer Reading Challenge Certificate. The maximum number of books children can read is 200.

There is no charge to take part in the challenge, although it is encouraged that rules and incentives should be checked out prior to entering. The Summer Reading Challenge will run from June 25 until August 4 at the Newark Public Library Clinton located at 739 Bergen Street in Newark, New Jersey, so there are still a few months ahead for the organize to arrange any promotional poster printing. For additional details, please visit the Newark Public Library’s website or call the branch at 973-733-7754.