Plenty going on in Newark this month

July 16, 2012 by  

Judging by the calendar, printing companies are likely to be almost as busy as residents this month with a musical performance, a library exhibit, and a Farmers’ Market all listed as just some of the events that will be taking place in Newark.

Things start getting interesting on this Thursday, July 19, with the New Jersey Performing Arts Center hosting an evening of top-notch live music. Ray Mantilla of the Space Station and the Good Vibration Band will perform, along with Nicki Denner of the Latin Jazz Trio and the ever-dazzling DJ Rey-Mo. Slated to begin at 5:00 pm, these distinguished musical guests will be there largely thanks to the efforts of WBGO Jazz88.3 FM. Free to attend as well, jazz-lovers cannot afford to miss this evening.

While the Performing Arts Center has probably been busy getting ready for the upcoming concert, the Newark Public Library has had its ‘Listen, Listen, Look, Look’ Exhibit open since May 9. Being put on courtesy of the Special Collections Division, this one looks to showcase interesting items that have been acquired. With the exhibit expected to close on this Saturday, July 21, however, interested individuals will have to stop by this week.

The action continues with the Farmers’ Market. Taking place on both July 19 and 26, kettle corn, fruit, nuts, and BBQ are just some of the items that shoppers will be able to purchase. In many respects, the live music will add to the rather festive atmosphere.

As most can well imagine, flyer printing and poster printing are just some of the printing services likely to be needed here.