Newark public schools to host high school fair

March 9, 2013 by  

This afternoon, the Newark Public Schools will be hosting a high school fair where current eighth graders and their families will be able to learn about the new citywide admissions process for the next academic year.

No doubt poster printing services have been used by the public schools of Newark to make parents and students aware of this event so that students will have the opportunity to express their preferences with regard to high schools and enroll in their preferred school.

At the high school fair, there will be representatives from each of the 18 high schools in the city to discuss classes, programs, and services with parents and students. A high school directory and guide was also printed and sent to all students and parents at the beginning of the month. Tours of the various high schools will begin early in the month and each school will post schedules and dates so that students and parents can visit the various campuses.

A common online application was launched on March 1 and the deadline for submitting choices is March 22.

According to Cami Anderson, Superintendent of the Newark Public Schools, this new process allows for a more equitable, accessible, and transparent procedure for students to gain admissions to the high school of their choice. With the diverse portfolio of high schools in the Newark Public School system, students will have the opportunity to go to a school of their choice that provides the programs that interest them the most.