Newark military suicide prevention program to go national

December 23, 2011 by  

A Newark program which is credited with preventing suicides in the state’s military is to be expanded nationwide. The program will soon be able to provide counseling and support to over half of the United States armed forces.

The program itself is called Vets4Warriors. The program will be open to military reserves as well as members and veterans of the National Guard in all 50 states. In total approximately 950,000 service members will have access to the helpline.

In the past few years the amount of suicides in the military has increased. Officials have stated that servicemen and women need support on and off the battlefield. Many veterans are coming home with mental wounds that are too severe to heal without counseling. Suicides amongst national guard members and reservists have increased at an alarming rate. Many believe that this is because when these forces come back from being deployed they are sent home. As they are not stationed at a military base they do not have access to the support that full-time personnel have.

The helpline is a 24 hour phone service that is staffed my military veterans who have been trained as counselors. The service has $5 million dollars to spend on the program. While no marketing scheme has been announced using printing services to promote the helpline may be useful. Flyers and brochures would be a good way to let military know the telephone service is available to them.