LMFAO to perform in Newark, NJ

March 28, 2012 by  

The popular hip-hop group LMFAO is to perform in Newark, New Jersey on June the 29th. Tickets go on sale this week for as little as $39.50 per person. Premium seats are selling for $69.50. New Jersey residents will no doubt be excited to see LMFAO performing in their state. The band is extremely popular with younger people with hit songs such as “Party Anthem” and “Get Crazy”. The band will be performing at the Prudential Center, Newark, supported by Far East Movement, the Quest Crew, Sidney Samson, Eva Simons, and Natalia Kills.

While the band is well-known, organizers of musical events can promote concerts in a few different ways. Firstly, they could use printing services to print up flyers, banners and posters. The flyers can be handed out around town while posters could be plastered on public walls, attached to billboards, and tacked in student areas and bars.

Organizers could also involve local radio stations, giving away free tickets on the radio generates a lot of buzz. Some companies even put together gift packs to give away. These packs usually consist of posters, CDs and other memorabilia. It is worth noting that tickets can be bought online. Those who have never purchased tickets on the internet may be nervous about online shopping. A promoter could address this issue by asking a local print company to list those vendors selling tickets on promotional flyers or brochures. The customer could then choose to shop online or phone the company with their credit card details.