‘America’s Got Talent’ moves to New Jersey

April 13, 2012 by  

Officials have confirmed that the reality television series “America’s Got Talent” will be moving to the NJPAC center in Newark, New Jersey. The reason that the show is moving to a new location is because Howard Stern is joining the judging panel. Stern requested that the show is broadcast from the tri state area.

This news has made local business owners very happy. The show is very popular and it is likely that people will travel from other states in order to be a part of the live audience. As the show screens two times a week, business owners expect lots of tourists in Newark.

Many businesses believe that this is a good opportunity to showcase the area to visitors. As the tickets to the show are free, some people will be willing to pay for transport to NJ and accommodation.

There are numerous business types that could benefit from this tourism. Some examples of these are hotel, restaurants and attractions. Managers at these businesses may want to advertise their services to tourists. Some companies have had success with using printing services to make up brochures. Those who have a lot of work to be done can try to make a deal for bulk services with their brochure printers. These brochures can be left at the visitor center as well as at travel agency offices. Businesses who have deals with a short lifespan may want to opt for flyers. Flyers can be handed out on the streets to passersby.