Wine shipping bill close to being passed

January 28, 2012 by  

The New Jersey state senate is close to passing a bill that will allow wineries to ship wine to their customers. This bill has been controversial as some believe that it will take business away from wine resellers. However, many New Jersey residents are looking forward to being able to order wine directly from a winery.

The new bill means that both in-state and out-of state wineries will be able to ship directly to residences. For example a Morristown resident could have wine shipped to their home from California. This is beneficial as it opens up a whole new market for vineyards.

This new bill will allow Agritourism to thrive. Many people choose to visit vineyards on the weekends. While there, they like to try new wines. If they are able to purchase these wines from the comfort of their home, the whole state will benefit from out-of-state revenue. The bill is also beneficial for consumers as it gives them access to a wider selection of wine.

Liquor stores that are afraid this move will affect their sales, need to focus on their marketing strategy. Not every New Jersey resident is a wine connoisseur who is will to wait a week for a bottle of wine. Those who advertise their low prices effectively will not lose out on many sales. An easy way of doing this is printing off sales flyers. These flyers can be placed in the letterboxes of people who live in the neighborhood.