Morristown warms up for annual battle

April 15, 2013 by  

In Morristown, New Jersey, path systems in the parks run by the Morris County Park Commission are open and inviting people to take a stroll and enjoy the green space, with some historical reenactments on the way shortly.

The Morristown National Historical Park, which is administered by the National Park Service, marks the spot where General Washington and the Continental Army made camp December 1779-June 1780. Historically – minded actors gather several times a year to replicate Revolutionary War battles, with this year’s coming up this weekend.

Paths in the parks are all marked the same way, using a ‘trail blaze key’ comprised of squares of colored paint on trees or posts. They indicate the beginnings and ends of trails, as well as turns. Parking areas and trailheads are always maroon.

Among the parks to enjoy are Patriots’ Path, the Morristown National Historical Park, also known as Jockey Hollow, and Hacklebarney Park.

Patriot’s Path celebrates Morris County’s connection to the Revolutionary War and winds through historic towns including Chester, East Hanover, and Morristown itself. The trail surface is varied, from rough paving to dirt paths, and is suitable for everyone from walkers to mountain bikers.

Hacklebarney Park is family-oriented and features picnic spots, grilling areas, and hiking trails that cross wood bridges and pass waterfalls. Dogs are welcome and the park is very popular.

Park Commission officials could work with brochure printers to create materials that list all the parks and their amenities in one document, with the April 20 and 21 battle reenactments sure to feature prominently.