Morristown enjoys making its garden grow

March 10, 2013 by  

Morristown is going ahead with a plan to buy the Early Street Community Garden, a one-acre site.

The garden is precisely that — a vegetable garden used by members of the community to grow their own food. The property was scheduled to be developed, but Morristown has chosen to go green instead.

The Garden is owned by Early Development LLC, which will receive $2.1m in exchange for the property. The monies are coming from three sources: $487,500 from New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection; $1,575,000 from the Morris County Open Space Trust Fund; and a private $25,000 grant.

Once the town buys the property, it will lease it to a non-profit called Grow it Green Morristown, which has been maintaining the garden since it was created in 2009. Some of the money is earmarked to create a public park next to the sidewalk, while other funds will go to increase the number of plots in the garden. Still other monies will be used to create a public path that winds through the garden. Last year, the garden was used by at least 50 families.

One of the garden’s founders, Samantha Rothman, wanted to thank the Morristown City Council for agreeing to purchase the garden, calling it a “wonderful place”. Green space is always welcome in any urban area, and considering people can grow food in this garden, it is doubly special.

The Grow it Green Morristown group could work with brochure printers to explain the purpose of the garden and invite more people to participate in it.