Manalapan Summer Program opens registration to parents

March 21, 2012 by  

It is now time for parents to register their children for the Manalapan Summer Program for kids. This program is designed for children from Kindergarten age through to the seventh grade. Parents who are working this summer may want to consider this as a fun childcare option. While at the camp, children will engage in fun activities such as art, crafts and sports.

The program will cost parents $590, if registered before March 30th, and those who register after this deadline will be charged $650. Parents who cannot take their kids to and from the program need not worry as transportation is available for $175, it is important to note that transportation cannot be guaranteed after May 11th. Aftercare is also available for kids who need to stay late. This comes at an additional cost of $8 per day.

The summer camp provides an invaluable service to parents. The average working couple often has difficulty deciding how to manage childcare during the summer months. Unfortunately, many of them are unaware that programs like this even exist. Summer camps, such as this, could increase registration by starting a small advertising campaign, using printing services to make up flyers. These flyers could then be handed out to parents at local schools.

Not only will the camp get new business, but parents will also find a solution to their childcare problems. The fact that the child will also have a lot of fun should definitely be a consideration.