Pizza restaurant’s generosity will take some topping

January 31, 2013 by  

One local business that cannot be accused of failing to donate its fair share of dough to charitable causes is Calabria Restaurant & Pizzeria, which made a terrific gesture by donating 30% of its January 29 proceeds to a local charity initiative.

The Pizzeria was approached by local bicyclists planning to take part in this year’s Cycle For Survival, which will raise funds towards cancer research while encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors and take part in a fitness-oriented exercise.

Another local company doing its bit is Sam’s Mens & Boys’ Clothing, which has notices in its shop window encouraging donations and raising awareness in preparation for the ride – something which has probably ensured work for local print companies in the process.

Cycle For Survival, which was set up by Livingston locals Jennifer and David Linn in 2007, invites people from all around the world to get involved in a local cycling event for which all of the money raised goes towards combating cancer. Cyclists may join an already organized bike ride, or they can start up their own. It has raised up to $17m to date and, with over $6.5m having been raised for this year’s cause already, it looks more than likely that this year’s events will continue the scheme’s excellent progress.

New Jersey’s event is scheduled for February 9. Visit the Cycle For Survival website to find out more about the event, or to make a donation towards cancer research.