NJ students now able to ‘adopt a soldier’

April 13, 2012 by  

Students at selected schools in New Jersey are now supporting American soldiers who are currently serving in Afghanistan. This initiative is funded by grant by the Teachers’ Insurance organization.

The grant has helped reduce shipping costs for letters and care packages sent to soldiers. Shipping packages to countries like Afghanistan can sometimes prove to be expensive. Students involved with this program are sending monthly packages and letters to the soldier sponsored by their school.

The Teacher’s Insurance organization awards 12 grants a year to schools. Applications are granted to all schools in New Jersey. This includes smaller schools from townships like Livingston.

As school budgets become tighter and tighter, this extra funding is helpful to the public school sector. Teachers who want to secure a grant for their school will need to put together a solid application. This means outlining the project in detail and specifying how it will help the students in the school. Some teachers have succeeded in applying for grants by using stationery printing services to make up an information kit. Any documents that are included in such a kit will fare better if they are clean, concise and are professionally printed, and taking the time to create a good template will help teachers, students and those in the armed forces in the long run. As there are a wide range of grants available to schools, teachers have the opportunity to make a pitch to many different trusts, foundations and other charitable organizations.