BBQ and bookkeeping on offer for business pros

August 14, 2012 by  

With the Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce hosting the ‘Summer Networking BBQ’ and local businesses being offered a deal too good to refuse in the meantime, company decision-makers have options at their disposal heading into September.

Business card printing and flyer printing are two printing services that Livingston professionals may want to consider in light of the Summer Networking BBQ taking place this evening, August 14. Being held at the Cedar Hill Country Club, this evening meet-up is going to combine the fun of bonding over food with the productivity of a regular networking session. Starting in the evening at 5:30 pm and concluding roughly two hours later at 7:30 pm, this is a top-notch opportunity to acquire new professional contacts.

Individuals who are interested in putting in an appearance here are being advised to fill out the registration form on the Chamber website and then to either e-mail or fax it in from there.

On the subject of bargains and great deals, JSL Bookkeeping & Tax Services is offering free business assessments to companies. No matter what area a company specializes in, taxes and accurate financial information are absolute necessities. This is not just in terms of making sure the IRS gets its due, but also in the less obvious ways that solid figures allow a company to run more efficiently.

The assessments should help businesses keep track of their expenditure and bring up their profits in the process. Since the assessments come with no strings attached, Livingston-based managers have nothing to lose by setting an appointment.