Print Companies in Jersey City

Jersey City is located in Hudson County in the state of New York between Upper New York Bay and the Hudson River, diagonally across from Lower Manhattan, Newark Bay, and the Hackensack River. An entry port for New York City with around 11 miles of waterfront and excellent rail connections Jersey City has a long history. Although Europeans settled in the area around 1630 it was not until 1820 that the town became completely independent from other nearby towns and settlements and received its current name of Jersey City.

Since its inception Jersey City has been a magnet for immigrants arriving in American and for most of its long history has been a port and manufacturing center. Politics has also played a large part in the history of Jersey City and allegations of corruption of its elected officials, rising crime rates, and economic downturn lead to substantial loss of jobs and decline in the population. In the 1980’s the city began to develop the waterfront and substantial investment transformed the city’s defunct rail yards and factories into a bustling financial district called Exchange Place, which has become one of the largest banking centre in America. Major international banks moved into the high-rise buildings along with other types of businesses giving fast and reliable local print companies the opportunity to supply comprehensive stationery printing packages from letterheads to business cards. With so many new businesses in the city it is important that customer are able to find them so signs and banner printing produced by local reliable print companies showing their location are vital.

Jersey City has several parks and numerous museums detailing the city’s long and varied history. There are also several commercial centers ranging from large shopping malls to smaller local shopping clusters along with fine restaurants, cafés and bars. Jersey City has fine walking, biking trails, and excellent transport links making it an attractive place to both live and work. Local print companies produce eye-catching flyers for residents having a yard sales as well as posters advertising sales or special offers in local stores or social events in schools.