St. Eve’s in Hohokus serves homemade sodas

November 18, 2013 by  

Chef Steven Christianson has recently opened a new American restaurant in Hohokus, called St. Eve’s, which offers lunch, dinner and dining on its patio and for private parties. No doubt the chef is using flyer printing to let people know about the specialty of the house, which is its homemade sodas.

Christianson’s decision to make these sodas was born of his fond memories of drinking the homemade root beer made by his grandfather. In addition, the restaurant was built with a bar and does not have a liquor license, so Christianson decided to do something else that no other restaurant does in the area.

The only manufactured sodas are Coke and Sprite, and the rest are offered four at a time. Grampy’s Old-Fashioned Root Beer is always one of the choices and the remaining three change every six months. Fresh fruit, fresh herbs, raw seltzer and a simple syrup are the ingredients of the sodas. The current offerings are Jalapeno Ginger Ale, Lemongrass, and Citrus Fruit Soda.

According to Christianson, the sodas are not difficult to make, but the ingredients have to blended just right so they are not too tart, too sweet, or too spicy. He added that their taste is not like that of commercial sodas and they are presented in a fashion that looks like a cocktail. They are served in either highball or wine glasses, then garnished with sprigs of mint or lavender, fresh slices of cucumber or lime, and a straw.