Paramus Farmer’s Market among August highlights

August 7, 2012 by  

With BIG hosting a meet-up and the Paramus Farmer’s Market coming up, Hohokus business professionals and residents have a few options at their disposal this August.

Things get interesting fairly quickly with Paramus BIG (Believe, Inspire, and Grow) holding a networking session on August 20. Geared primarily towards female professionals and going from there, BIG meet-ups serve a dual purpose as both a place to find professional contacts and a method of gaining support from women who are facing similar challenges in the workplace. Beginning fairly early at 9:30 am and expected to conclude at around 11:00 am, this is as good an opportunity as any to connect with other people.

Another event of note is the Paramus Farmer’s Market. Taking place every Wednesday this month as of tomorrow, people will have a few chances to drop by and see what market days are all about. If the online ads are anything to go by, providers will have a good variety of items available for sale with meat, pet-related foods, fruit, pickles, cheese, coffee, tea, and baked goods all currently listed among other things.

Free for members of local and nearby communities to attend, the discounts alone are worth looking into. Going from 3:00 pm to 7:00pm on market days, there are clear incentives for putting in an appearance here. If the flyer printing available for viewing is any indication of how hard organizers have worked, it goes without saying that the Farmer’s Market is going to be a surefire success.