NJ’s 350th celebrated by Hermitage Museum

March 31, 2014 by  

In a celebration of the 350th anniversary of the history of New Jersey, the Hermitage Museum in Hohokus is hosting a special exhibit and several related events.

Most likely, the Museum is turning to services like poster printing to let the community and others in the state become aware of this commemoration.

The exhibit is titled ‘Footprints, 350 Years’ and looks at those who lived and visited the site of the Hermitage. It is running from now until September 30. The beginning of the exhibit is the recent acquisition of the 1778 letter of invitation that General George Washington received to stop at the residence of Theodosia Prevost.

Then there are seven themes over the past 350 years that explore the history of what took place at the site of The Hermitage.

The first is that of the Native Americans, who were later joined by the colonists who fought for American liberty. Another is the story of the Rosencrantz family and their innovative recreational endeavors and professional lives. How this family was able to continue their production of cotton despite the scarcity of raw material is described in the story of the Civil War.

Other themes include the industrial development of New Jersey included the women of The Hermitage who were pre-eminent in the social scene in the Hohokus area; recreation and pastimes featuring men and women of the late 19th Century engaged in the sports of the time; and the state of Museum as it is today and its role in the historic preservation of New Jersey.