New Jersey starts blood donation campaign

January 28, 2012 by  

In New Jersey only 3.6 percent of eligible people choose to donate blood. This is much lower than the national average of 5%. As a result, the state has been unable to meet its demand for blood for the past 15 years. New Jersey has been forced to buy surplus blood from other states in order to make up the difference.

Generally people who are in good health are able to donate blood. There are a simple requirements that donors must meet. Currently 60% of New Jersey residents are qualified to donate blood. The New Jersey Workplace Blood Donor Coalition is working towards raising awareness amongst potential donors. They are doing this by launching a marketing campaign.

The marketing campaign will be targeted towards all New Jersey residents. This includes people in smaller townships such as Hohokus. One of the most interesting features of the campaign is a web based calender that lists blood drives across the state. While the organization is currently talking about web marketing, they will also need to use more traditional forms of media. For example most blood drives use printing services to create brochures. These brochures are then handed out to people who are interested in the donation process. Sometimes, all it takes to get someone to donate blood is to make them understand the benefits of blood donation. This can be done using the internet, through television advertisements and by creating promotional material such as flyers, brochures and posters.