Miss Amazing Pageant comes to New Jersey

May 15, 2012 by  

A unique beauty pageant made its first appearance in New Jersey on Saturday, May 12, offering an opportunity for women and girls who have disabilities.

Maris Ferreira, the director of the Miss Amazing Pageant, said the event was designed to help these women to develop more self-confidence. Seven women signed up for the event, aged between 8 and 25. As each woman fell into a different age range, it meant that everyone was a winner.

The event is also helping neighboring communities. Attendees were not charged an admission fee, but were instead asked to bring five cans of food, which will be donated to those in need in the local area.

As events such as this often rely on donations and voluntary work, they do not always have the luxury of large marketing budgets. Nonetheless, it is important to raise awareness of such events so that they can attract enough attendees to be a success. One of the most affordable ways to advertise a local event is to hire a printing company, who can make up a large number of flyers in a short time frame, which can then be distributed in nearby townships like Hohokus. As there are few pageants like this in existence, many parents will be willing to travel so that their children can take part. Due to this, event organizers may want to post flyers to homes in a variety of New Jersey towns. The more attention the event gets, the more money it is likely to raise for charity.