Hohokus water upgrade finally completed

July 19, 2013 by  

It is time to get the streamers out, organize the ticker tape parade, and get on with some banner printing, after it was confirmed that the long running Hohokus water works are complete.

Officials confirmed that the extensive upgrade to the aging system is now complete. With new piping fitted, new processes implemented, and every leak found fixed, it brings to an end more than four years of hard work and disruption.

Talking about the sign-off on the project, Eric Fooder was eager to bathe in the glory of the end of the works. The interim licensed water operator for Hohokus said:

“I have reviewed the water system fully and thoroughly and can tell you there are no issues with the water system,

“The water produced by the borough is clean, plentiful, and meets every regulatory requirement.”

What is even better news for folks here is that Fooder confirmed there will be an ongoing maintenance schedule. With leaks repaired as they spring up and system components being replaced whenever necessary, it should stay state-of-the-art for some time.

Most important of all though, it will see Hohokus save gallon upon gallon of water through the year.

Recently fined by the Department of Environmental Protection on two separate occasions, the new system should prevent the borough from exceeding its water entitlement for the year.

In further good news, folks will have better tasting water coming out of the faucet too. Officials have confirmed that new technology allows water to pass through disinfectant at more controllable levels before arrival in a home.