ECLC of Hohokus whips up support for WebTeam autism apps

March 19, 2013 by  

The Early Childhood Learning Center of Hohokus, New Jersey was recently visited by the CEO of WebTeam, Nish Parikh. He met with the administrative staff and teachers of the school to discuss their views on the iLearnNEarn series of applications and the COLORS Program for students of autism, which the company released in 2010.

The COLORS program uses a kiosk system to deliver autism intervention. The pilot project involved 10 of the ECLC students and their teachers and was considered to be very successful, as there were a number of sessions by the students at the kiosk. Other special needs students were later enrolled to use the iLearnNEarn applications, which are based on touchscreen intervention.

According to one teacher, Russ Fay, he found that the COLORS Program enabled the students to focus for longer periods of time so that he was able to teach to the entire group, as well as to work with certain students on an individual basis. He added that, with the availability of WebTeam’s autism applications on mobile devices such as the iPad and Android, special education can be extended from the classroom to the home as parents can help their children with these same apps.

Another teacher, Joan Hannes, said that the ability to repeat lessons, particularly in different environments, is essential to autistic children so they can master a particular skill. No doubt the company has been using various types of printing services to inform the community about the results of these discussions.