Presentation Folders in Highland Park

Presentation folders in Highland Park, New Jersey, are important tools to help businesses and individuals here reach their clients. Highland Park lies directly across the Raritan River from New Brunswick, New Jersey, but its development was much slower than that of its neighbor. While New Brunswick turned to commerce, aided by the construction of the railroad, Highland Park remained agricultural for much of its history. Today, the city is largely residential, though it is home to major corporations such as Johnson & Johnson. At Minuteman Press, we’re happy to be part of this thriving community.

Folders can be used successfully by everyone who wants to present papers in an organized way. Whether it’s a salesman calling on established customers, an engineer explaining a new design, or a company proposing a venture capital partnership, a presentation folder can help the person make the impression they desire. The folder keeps papers together, clean, and neat, and the entire package is attractive.

People are familiar with file folders, but presentation folders are different. File folders are the familiar manila forms that come in various sizes, but which are plain and utilitarian, both inside and out. Presentation folders, however, have pockets inside so that material can be organized in a way that makes it easy to read and use. This differs from the manila folders that simply hold filing. Also, presentation folders usually have a glossy surface so that any photos, logos, or other illustrations printed on them look their best.

Presentation folders in Highland Park bring a useful product to the city’s residents. Please call or come see us at Minuteman Press today for your free quote.