Mailing Services in Highland Park

Mailing services in Highland Park, New Jersey, comprise a wide variety of options. Prior to about the mid-1600s, the land around Highland Park was home to the Lenape people, who hunted along the Raritan River. The arrival of Europeans brought development on both sides of the Raritan, although New Brunswick turned to industry while Highland Park remained agricultural. Today, the city is largely residential. At Minuteman Press, we appreciate the pace of life here.

Mailing services are designed with one goal in mind – to save their users time. Mailing services can include such things as keeping mailing lists updated, handling direct mail campaigns, metering and sorting mail, and working on Every Door Direct Mail projects, among others. The last is an option designed to allow advertisers to reach a wide audience without having to worry about mailing lists.

If someone opts for Every Door Direct Mail, all they need to do is designate the area where they want mail delivered. Then, as the name implies, the mailing service will send mail to every door in the area. The deliveries can be requested by Zip Code, by geographical region, or even by one specific delivery route. Although this is more general than a mailing that uses lists, it is quicker and easier for that very reason. Also, EDDM mail is required to be larger than letter mail and is sent flat so it attracts a recipient’s attention, which helps make up for general mailing.

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