Brochure Printing in Highland Park

Brochure printing in Highland Park, New Jersey, is a process that creates one of the most useful tools available to advertisers, attractions and other concerns. The Highland Park area has been inhabited since the 1600s, first by Native Americans of the Lenape people, later by European settlers. Among the most prominent were the Reverend John Henry Livingston, who was chosen to head Queen’s College, which is now Rutgers University. Today, the borough is recognized as the home of Johnson & Johnson, and the Band-Aid’s birthplace. At Minuteman Press, we’re intrigued by the long history and changing aspect of the community.

Brochure printing creates a product that can be used in a variety of ways. Some brochures inform potential visitors about hours, fees and amenities at attractions like museums and art galleries; some describe the fun to be had at theme parks, fairs, and other amusements; some list city tours. Other types of brochures present product specifications or rental properties. The subject matter varies greatly but brochures can be used for almost every product and service. They¬†are popular because they work well and also because they’re economical. A brochure is one sheet of paper that is printed on both sides. After the print run is complete, the brochure is folded either to go into the mail, or to go on a rack. In the former case, brochures are usually folded twice; in the latter, they’re folded three times. The design and configuration of the brochures are up to the customer.

Brochure printing in Highland Park produces sales tools anyone can use. Please stop in or call us at Minuteman Press today for a free quote.