Toad Hall has wines of wonder

November 15, 2012 by  

‘Wine Tasting at Toad Hall’ is part of the Hallmark Wine Series and is being led by Alan Hallmark – a wine expert at Rat’s Restaurant. This is a once-a-month aimed at making wine tasting fun and approachable for everyone.

Alan Hallmark will lead guests through a tasting series that is bound to appeal to both the aficionado and the novice alike. His friendly approach in a relaxed atmosphere creates a delightful, high-spirited, and rather informative experience. For November’s event, which takes place tomorrow, the discussion and the selection of wine will be based on Portugal. There will be information on the Masters of the Blend and what is unique and interesting about this wine selection. This follows sessions on Germany and Spain, which have been covered in the last two months.

Poster printing, brochure printing, and flyer printing may have been used to advertise and promote this event to the community and the surrounding areas. The cost of this wine tasting is $10. Please note that the cost of this tasting evening event will be deducted from the cost of a meal, should guests decide to dine during the wine tasting session.

The Tasting at Toad Hall Shop will be held on Friday, November 16th in the Toad Hall Shop and Gallery, which is across from the courtyard of Rat’s Restaurant, located 16 Fairgrounds Road in Hamilton, New Jersey. To reserve a seat, please visit the Toad Hall Shop and Gallery website or call Rat’s Restaurant at 609-584-7800.