Princeton School of Rock hosts summer camps

July 10, 2012 by  

Aspiring musicians in Hamilton have at least one musically-inclined activity to participate in this month, with the Princeton School of Rock Summer Camps coming up. While these camps are going on, local professionals will also be getting a legitimate chance to upgrade their qualifications via an online Project Management course.

Having officially begun fairly recently in late June, the Princeton School of Rock Summer Camps are all about giving people a chance to polish their musical skills through group workshops. Featuring instruction on a number of instruments that include bass, vocals, guitar, and drums, advertisements are also saying that there will be time dedicated to rehearsals and advice on how to develop stage presence. With the Beatles camp already started and the Led Zeppelin one slated to go from July 16 – 27, those who have always had an interest in music can come out and learn how the pros do it.

If, for whatever reason, this is not feasible right away, there is nothing to stop individuals from signing up for Ozzfest ahead of July 30.

At the same time, business professionals who are looking to have a productive July have the option of studying for Project Management certification through Simpilearn’s online platform. Starting August 1, entrepreneurs can sign up for courses that are as short as 30 days in length. Whether trying to determine if brochure printers and stationery printers are the best way to go or figuring out how to get more out of the team, a manager stands to gain quite a bit from trying out this affordable study guide.