New Route 33 eatery welcomed by Hamilton officials and residents

July 2, 2013 by  

Jimmy G’s recently announced that it opened a new hot dog restaurant along Route 33 in Hamilton, featuring their special family recipes for the hot dog. No doubt flyer printing and poster printing were used to attract as many people from Hamilton and the surrounding communities to the grand opening.

According to Jimmy Sbarro, one of the owners of the restaurant, it is destination for families with a family atmosphere. Most of the orders will be take-out but there will be some places to sit and eat in the restaurant as well.

The concept for Jimmy G’s hot dogs originated with Sbarro’s grandfather, Tony, who used it in a restaurant called Casino Tony Goes. Casino’s was located in Chambersburg and was an old-time family restaurant. It was opened in 1935 and closed sometime during the 1970s. The recipe for the hot dog sandwich has been in the family since then and is now the feature of Jimmy G’s.

Sbarro said Jimmy G’s was opened with the family recipe to honor his father and grandfather. He added that many people had gone to the Chambersburg restaurant from outside the community and he hopes that many of those who patronized Casino’s will remember their experience and the sandwich and come to Jimmy G’s to enjoy the same great food.

A 65-year old resident of Hamilton, Frank Pelleo, commented that he used to go to Casino’s and enjoyed its food. It is still the same food now and he truly enjoys it.