New Jersey hosts numerous new music festivals this season

April 13, 2012 by  

Several big music festivals are relocating within the state of NJ this year. Bamboozle is moving to Asbury Park and Vans Warped is will be in Holmdel. There are also a few big additions to the NJ festival circuit. The Electric Daisy Carnival will be in NJ as will the Orion Music + More festival.

There are more music events in NJ this year than ever before, thanks to the industry is moving concerts to summer months. New Jersey is a great location for concerts as it has a vibrant beach scene and is close to New York.

As these concerts will be held in NJ, they will be easy for both tourists and locals to access. People who live in towns like Hamilton can simply catch a bus or train to any festival that features their favourite bands or artists.

Events like this are good news for the NJ print industry. Music event organizers love to use printing services to make up numerous flyers, brochures and posters. Some events also get clothing printed for consumers to buy at the concert. As these companies have large print orders, they may be able to get a bulk discount on services like printing flyers. It is worth noting that this type of advertising is very important for the music industry, as events that do not put up posters and send flyers to potential attendees may not get as many ticket sales as they anticipated. The survival of any music festival depends on ticket sales, so most organizers will make an extra effort to market the event.