Hamilton school budget to provide improvements for upcoming fiscal year

February 3, 2013 by  

James Parla, the superintendent of the Hamilton school district, recently announced at a meeting that the operations budget for the district for the school year 2013-2014 will be increased by $2m to cover a variety of mainly technological upgrades.

Flyer printing and poster printing are no doubt being used by the school board to make residents aware of these improvements so that they can learn more about them when it has its regularly scheduled meetings this month.

Parla did say that this will mean an increase in the school tax rate of $3.63 but that most of the increase in spending will be covered by a restructuring of the district’s debt, paid for by bonds.

The new technology will include 600 iPads and 270 Smart Boards and additional laptops that will be purchased and leased so they will be ready for students in September. The Smart Boards were donated by the various PTA groups from schools in the district.

Other additions will include new textbooks in some subject areas for all grade levels and the purchase of 4,800 novels for students in the high school. There will be a few state-funded teachers, but no additional classroom teachers as part of the proposed budget. However, there will be no cuts in any of the current academic programs.

Parla added that there are some facility upgrades that need to be done, but these will most likely be dealt with on an emergency basis until a bond issue is voted upon by the community to cover all the upgrades in the next few years.