Hamilton revamping former paper plant

January 29, 2014 by  

Hamilton, about four miles from Fairfield, is figuring out ways to use buildings that form part of the former Champion/SMART Paper plant.

Some of the buildings at the site have been demolished, since they had little or no value and could not be reused. Joshua Smith, Hamilton City Manager, wrote to city residents explaining the demolition and adding that structurally sound buildings will be left standing and reused as offices or light manufacturing facilities. Smith said the final goal of the project is to get the complex back into useable condition, once the demolition is complete and environmental concerns are addressed.

Green Reclamation LLC sold various items from the complex at auction in October, 2013. These included boards, tables, door, timbers, and various other fixtures. Approximately 495,000 lbs in materials was salvaged, lowering the strain on landfills.

Over the next few months, work at the complex will focus on demolishing the “smokestack” building, next to North B Street; renovating the office building; improving the HVAC system in the office building; installing a dry system sprinkler in the buildings left standing and making basic improvements to lighting throughout the grounds.

The work necessitates street closures; from February 3 to May 3, North B Street between Black Street Bridge and Wayne Avenue will be shut down, although the bridge will remain open.

Since there is a traffic diversion involved, project officials might want to work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer to residents, describing the shutdown and suggesting alternate routes.