Nixle offered to New Jersey Residents

March 21, 2012 by  

New Jersey residents will soon receive cell phone and PDA messages alerting them to issues such as emergency evacuation and safety tips for free. This is due to the online service, Nixle Connect. This service delivers messages through mediums such as mobile phones, email and internet posts. The New Jersey Police and Office of Emergency Management have decided to implement the service in the area.

These text message alerts are available to anyone who signs up for the service. This is regardless of whether or not residents live in cities or in small towns like Hainesport. The service has more power if a large number of people are signed up. An example of a time where this type of system would have made a significant difference was Hurricane Irene in 2011. The service is not limited to large scale disasters. Nixle will also report on missing persons, traffic incidents resulting in delays, crime related information, community programs, and other important public safety issues.

It is safe to say that this service will be invaluable to some residents. Unfortunately many residents will not know how to sign up or that the program even exists. Before Nixle is introduced to NJ, organizers may want to think about how to get residents to sign up. One of the easiest ways to raise awareness of products such as this is to use printing services to make up brochures. With the aid of brochure printing, these pamphlets can talk about the benefits of the system and how people can add it to their mobile phones.