New bill allows N.J. farmers to sell raw milk

February 4, 2012 by  

The Assembly Agriculture and the Natural Resources Committee has passed a bill that allows New Jersey Farmers to sell raw milk. However, not every farm will be permitted to sell their milk. Interested farmers will have to obtain a permit.

The permit requires the applicant to certify that they did not use any growth hormones in the production process. The packaging must also state that the milk is not pasteurized. In order to obtain the permit farmers will have to consent to regular inspections by the state Department of Agriculture.

Many people will be surprised to learn that raw milk is very popular with New Jersey residents. Currently, people who live in towns like Hainesport have to travel out of state to get raw milk. This new law will create a large amount of business for local farmers. Those who are struggling to make ends meet will find that selling raw milk will help them keep afloat.

While the farming community is buzzing about the new bill, a large amount of New Jersey residents are unaware of it. In order to get customers, farmers will need to increase awareness about the raw milk product. This can be done by launching a simple advertising campaign. Farmers can use printing services to create flyers for their farm. These flyers can then be place in letterboxes or on noticeboards. Once this is done, farmers can sit back and wait for customers to come to their farm.