Bowling fundraiser raises $50,000

May 13, 2012 by  

Held in April, The Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraising event “Bowl for Kids’ Sake” was located in Moorestown, Cherry Hill and Hainesport. Many consider the event to have been a success as it had over 600 attendees and raised $50,000 for the volunteer-led charity which caters for at-risk youths.

The fundraiser featured activities like face-painting, temporary tattoos for kids, donated snacks, fitness activities, and live music. Events such as this have much to offer both children and adults in the community, and their attendees have a great deal of fun while contributing to charity at the same time.

Non-profit organizations who are planning an event to raise funds will need to encourage the community to attend. Events that have poor attendance sometimes do not meet their donation goals. One method that many businesses use to attract attention to their event is print advertising. Launching a small marketing campaign is a cheap and easy way to increase awareness of the event.

Event organizers can start a campaign by speaking to a printing company about printing flyers. Once the flyers are printed they can be distributed in stores, on sidewalks, and in schools. They can also be posted on local noticeboards. Businesses who invest some time into marketing their event will bump up their attendance rates. The more people attend the event, the more money that the charity is likely to raise. Organizations that want to raise large amounts of money may therefore want to start preparing their campaign a few months before the event.