Baligh Yehia given young investigator award for 2013

June 25, 2013 by  

The ICAAC Young Investigator Award was recently given to Dr. Baligh Yehia of the Department of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, of which Hainesport is a suburb. No doubt the American Society for Microbiology which gives this award used flyer printing and poster printing to make those in the community and members of the Society aware of the award.

As part of his work in the department, Dr. Yehia is an active researcher and was given the award for his leadership and innovative work in the field of HIV health services. His teachings focus on those individuals who live with chronic disease and how they can deal with the outcomes of their health and with those policies that also affect those outcomes.

According to Kelly Gebo of Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Yehia has focused his research on the organization of health care delivery and by doing so has contributed to how policies are developed with regard to healthcare reform, how medical care can be accessed and how performance can be measured. Dr. Yehia focused his work on the care that is received in HIV clinics and determined areas for improvement, evaluated utilization of inpatient resources so as to reduce rates for hospitalization and examined errors in anti-retroviral medications so as to improve the safety of patients and prevent adverse drug reactions.