New school year brings new faces to Flemington school

August 7, 2012 by  

A new school year means big changes for the Spring Run School in Flemington. The school has hired new faculty and is accepting new students. It also has plans to add new programs to the curriculum.

The Spring Run School successfully graduated a great number of students this past June, meaning it has more openings than usual for new students. The school’s programs are intended for special needs students.

The new school term also brings exciting changes to the curriculum, with a number of programs to be added. One new program improves the school’s gym. Students will now have access to the high-quality equipment usually found at private fitness clubs. Another new program trains students for independent living following graduation. Known as the ‘Transition Apartment’, the program focuses on teaching students how to live on their own and with housemates.

The cafeteria’s menu will also receive a reboot. Students will now have healthier options for lunch, breakfast, and snacks between meals.

Many of the changes to the Flemington school come as a result of the new principal, Paul Semegran, who brings 11 years of experience in charter schools to the position. Semergran has worked both with traditional and special needs students. The school has also brought in Denise Davis to serve as a special education teacher.

Flemington area printing companies can help the Spring Run School advertise its openings and new programs. Brochures mailed to the homes of families across New Jersey would be an option to inform people of the school and its programs.