Flemington police holds abandoned bike sale

July 8, 2013 by  

Flemington residents who are looking for a good deal on a bicycle should check out the Flemington Police Department’s upcoming bike sale.

Over the years, the police have picked up 55 bikes that were abandoned around the city. The majority of those bikes have been in police possession for more than six months, meaning the department has the right to sell them.

Most of the vehicles are mountain bikes, and are of adult size. While some have been brought in by police more recently, the oldest bike has been in police possession since 2007. The bike will be rated by the police based on condition and priced based on the shape they are in. Conditions include ‘good’, ‘fair’ and ‘poor’.

Many of the bikes were abandoned by their original owner because of small repair issues, such as a flat tire or mechanical problem, according to Detective Sergeant William Svard. Some of the bikes will need a considerable amount of work to get them in working order again, while others just need to be cleaned up.

The police department could use a printing company to advertise the sale and create a list of prices. As the goal of the bike sale is not to raise money but to clear space, the bikes will be priced to sell. Even a bike in excellent condition will cost no more than $20.

The sale is scheduled to start 10:00 am on July 13. It will take place in the parking lot next to the department’s headquarters, at 100 Main St.