Flemington changes banner hanging process

March 11, 2014 by  

A change to the way banners are hung in the town of Flemington could prove to be a boon to banner printing in the area.

The Flemington Business Improvement District has developed a new and improved way of hanging the signs. Jim Lebbad, a graphic designer, and Bob Benjamin, both representatives from the District, shared the new process at the Freeholders meeting at the beginning of the month.

In the past, hanging a banner over the street, whether to advertise a parade or other public event, involved using two trucks from either the fire department or the telephone company. The trucks had to park in front of the right telephones and two people had to climb up, in the attached buckets, to hang the banner on each side of the street.

The new method features two poles on either side of the street. A chain runs from the top to the bottom of each pole. A banner is attached to the pole, and then a hand crank is turned to raise and lower it up and down the poles. The poles are supplied by CenturyLink, the local phone company.

The Business Improvement District needed to get permission from several entities to use the new poles, including the Freeholders, owners of the Union Hotel, and city hall officials. So far, the new banner hanging process has received the thumbs up from all parties.