Flemington 4-H member collects socks for tornado victims

June 11, 2013 by  

Taylor Drummey, a member of the Round Riders 4-H club in Flemington, is organizing a sock drive for victims of the recent storms in the area.

At the end of May, tornadoes swept through the state of Oklahoma, causing severe damage and injury. A massive tornado on May 20 was followed by a dozen more on May 31. Aid for those impacted by the tornadoes has been rushing in from all over the country, including from Flemington, New Jersey.

While collecting socks might seem like a small effort, Drummey stated that she chose socks because they are easy to purchase and can be shipped easily to Oklahoma. A pair of socks, or a package, is affordable for most people and socks can be found in almost every store, meaning more people are likely to donate. Socks are also needed by everyone, from the oldest adults to the smallest children.

Any type of sock will be accepted, from women’s dress socks to socks for young children. Drummey and 4-H could use local printing companies to spread the word of the sock collection.

Response to the collection has been positive so far. Drummey collected a full box of socks at the 4-H Presentations contest on June 8 in New Brunswick.

Donors can bring socks to the Route 12 County Extension Center complex, located in Raritan Township, throughout this month. A collection box has been set up in the 4-H Office specifically for the purpose.