New Jersey Orchards celebrate 100 years

February 4, 2012 by  

The popular country foods market, Delicious Orchards recently celebrated the business’ 100th anniversary. This is a tremendous achievement for any company. New Jersey officials have stated that they rely on companies like Delicious Orchards to provide the public with access to local produce.

The company started out in 1911 as wholesale apple growers. Today, people from towns as fair away as Fairlawn visit the company to buy their produce. The store sells items such as baked goods, meats, seafood, cheeses and gourmet groceries.

The company prides itself on creating products from scratch. In 2011, it sold over 1.2 million doughnuts and 200,000 pies. To help speed up the process, the owner brought in an apple peeler. This is one of the only automated machines the company uses.

Delicious Orchards have a great premise. People from all over the region will be interested in getting freshly baked goods that are made from scratch. However not all New Jersey residents are aware that the company exists. While the 100th anniversary is a time of celebration, it is also a time to reflect on how to take the business even further. One way to draw in even more customers is to launch a marketing campaign. The company could use printing services to create color flyers advertising their business. They could then place these in letterboxes in the region. This is an affordable way of reminding residents that they have a great market nearby. Most companies will experience a boost in sales after a marketing campaign.