“Mr. Fair Lawn” becomes new mayor

January 7, 2013 by  

On Thursday, January 3, John Cosgrove was sworn in as the next mayor of Fair Lawn, New Jersey. He is most likely using business card printing so he can have a means to inform the community of his new position in the town.

However, he is already a well-known figure locally, having affectionately been called “Mr. Fair Lawn” and known to be a community advocate and keen volunteer whose family has been living in Fair Lawn for over a century. The town has always been the center of his universe and it seems that he has a pulse on everything that goes on in the town.

Cosgrove was nominated by Jeanne Barratta and was elected by a majority vote of the town council. As mayor, Cosgrove plans to keep all the major amenities in the town and maintain the spirit of Fair Lawn while also planning for the future growth of the town. He has no ties to either political party and plans to work closely with the town council so he do can what he feels is best for the town.

Cosgrove became a familiar face amongst town employees and volunteers as a result of his 30 years of experience doing volunteer work, during which time he held leadership positions in various borough organizations and worked in every borough department in some capacity. As such, it seems that the majority of people in Fair Lawn feel he has a great understanding of their needs.