Fair Lawn company accepts old electronics

January 25, 2014 by  

AnythingIT, a recycling company for electronics located in Fair Lawn, announced that they are holding a recycling event every Tuesday.

The company will be accepting laptops, computers, printers, gaming consoles, monitors and any other type of consumer electronics. According to the CEO if AnythingIT, David Bernstein, these electronics are often thrown out with the trash but they are considered to be hazardous waste. As such they can be problematic for the water supply and cause issues with the soil.

The Tuesday event in Fair Lawn is being hosted by the New York-New Jersey Super Bowl Committee and Verizon. They are also hosting another event in Times Square in New York City on Wednesdays.

Some of the equipment will be reused. The laptops will be tested and those that work will wiped clean of data and passed on to Work Vessels for Vets which gives them to military veterans and personnel returning from service. Hopeline, a Verizon charity, will accept cell phone and give them to those who have been victims of domestic violence.

Paul Brundage, vice president of sales for AnythingIT, commented that doing this during the holiday season is perfect timing. He added that although the company cannot accept appliances with Freon, refrigerant or propane, but anything else is all right from Betamax tapes to old Playstations.

The event will be held at AnythingIT’s headquarters between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Most likely the company is using flyer printing to distribute flyers throughout the community to let people know of this opportunity to get rid of their old devices.