April activities for outdoorsmen

March 21, 2012 by  

Spring is here and there are many activities that the male residents of New Jersey may want to participate in. Some of these activities include trout fishing, fishing contests, shooting and archery. Anyone who wants to take part in these activities should keep an eye out for local events such as The Shark River Surf AnglersTrout Contest and the 18th annual Traditional Archery Rendezvous, those men who live in Fair Lawn may want to contact some shooting ranges nearby such as The North Jersey Gun Club.

There are countless New Jersey businesses that have a vested interest in outdoor events. Fishing stores may want to sell rods and bait while archery stores will be selling bow and arrows. Businesses, who feel the spring weather may benefit them, might want to consider running a small marketing campaign.

Small business owners may be surprised to learn how affordable it is to advertise their products. Companies that use printing services to make up brochures and flyers only need to spend a small amount to increase their sales. Handing out these flyers around town will increase consumer awareness of the brand advertised.

As the weather is getting better, many consumers will be looking for new outdoor equipment. Those who already own their own equipment may want to replace or repair a piece or two. Seeing a flyer may encourage them to pop into a store before they head out for adventure.

Details of all the activities in the area are on the nj.com website.