American flags to decorate town of Fair Lawn

May 14, 2013 by  

Beginning on Memorial Day and continuing through September 11, the Fair Lawn Chamber of Commerce will be decorating the borough with American flags, as part of its Flag Program that was started in 2001 by the late John Nakashian.

No doubt flyer printing and poster printing are being used to ask for donations from the community so that the flags can be purchased and displayed throughout the community.

According to Major John Cosgrove, the chairman of the Flag Committee, which also includes Rick Kellerman and Bob Beshlian, the flags not only make the town look festive during a period of patriotism, but also honor those veterans, both living and dead, who served the United States in the protection of freedom around the world today. Cosgrove added that Nakashian was instrumental in starting the program and did a great job when he was on the committee, which is why the tradition of the flags continues in his honor.

The costs of the program increase every year, Cosgrove said, and more and more flags need to be replaced as they deteriorate. He wants to the town to look good so he is encouraging as many people as possible to donate to the program.

The goal of the Fair Lawn Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership and promote a favorable business climate. The Chamber of Commerce works to ensure that businesses have a close working relationship with the people of the community and have the opportunity to network with each other.